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Micki has been helping businesses succeed and excel for over 20 years. She loves her family, her work and her life and always strives to be grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed on her. Micki feels that being kind, laughing, staying honest and working hard provide the perfect recipe for success.

Competing Against the Big Boys

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Competing Against the Big Boys - How to Thrive in a Consolidating Marketplace How can you, an independent, survive and even grow during a time where it seems like the “big boys” are increasing their market share? If you’re an “independent” in the body shop world, you have some great opportunities right now, so I expect you to get on it and rock it out! [...]

The Power of Marketing

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The Power of Marketing - Why You Need It and How to Do It With more ways to get your message out there than ever before, it's time for your shop to harness the power of marketing! So many business owners and managers don't know where to begin with marketing their business. In the article I wrote for the Cover Story of BodyShop Business' November [...]

Finding Good Employees

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Finding and Keeping Good Employees I've written articles for BodyShop Business but this is one article I wrote for them that applies not only for the auto body industry but for all industries. Finding good, quality employees that will stick around is extremely difficult! Then, many employers run into the frustration of millennials and how to deal with their expectations and work habits. I invite [...]

What Women Really Want

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What Women Really Want...in Your Shop My first article with BodyShop Business was one that was quite controversial. Read it for yourself and feel free to leave a comment whether you agreed or disagreed! A large percentage of auto body shop customers are female so it's important to make your shop "female friendly". "What Women Really Want...in Your Shop" was the Feature Story in BodyShop [...]

Auto Body Repair Cheat Sheet for Women – Part 1

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Auto Body Repair Cheat Sheet for Women Here’s a little cheat sheet for you ladies so next time you have to go to an auto body repair facility you know what to expect and what questions you should be asking.   I am proud to say that I’ve been working in the auto body industry since 2007. When I first began I was shocked at [...]